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What will you find in the Master in PMU Course?

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In this part of the course I explain to you which machine & materials work. I’ve been working with the same machine for over 10 years and I’ve never had any problems with it. You do not “need” to purchase this machine to take this course. In addition, I explain which needles I work with. I also explain here how you can practice at home and with what materials.

By simply drawing eyes and eyebrows with pencil and paper, you gain more insight into shape & shadows. By practicing this a lot, you learn to look more closely at your customer and what needs to be done to create a natural effect. In this section I explain step by step how you can do this. In addition, you can download my drawings, so you can draw the eyebrows & eyeliner by yourself.

This component is one of the most important factors regarding a PMU treatment and thus also important to get a good result. Not properly pre-drawn means you will not get a good result. Here I give tips on how to draw two similar eyeliners and how to easily measure eyebrows.

The clamping techniques are an essential part of a PMU treatment. This also determines how your needle enters the skin in a smooth way, making your end result look tight. I explain step by step which clamping techniques you should use for the best end result.

In this part of the course, I explain everything about the needles. After you have treated this part, you will know exactly which needle to use for which treatment.

By mastering the right pigmentation techniques, you can pigment all treatments and skin types with ease. The pigmentation techniques also determine whether the pigment picks up well. In this module I explain exactly what pigmentation techniques you can use for the eyeliner & eyebrows. I will show you which needle to use and at what angle you should pigment the different parts and the different skin type.

Everybody needs help sometimes. Especially when it comes to PMU treatments, development. That is why a call session is included, so you can ask extra questions and where I will give you more explanations + tips.

In this I show you exactly how to find the undertone of your pigment. Among the videos of the “live treatments” I give away the brand and my pigment colors that I have been successful with for years.

In this module I will take you with me to the live treatments. Through a voice over I guide you through the process step by step. You look exactly at the treatment and you can see exactly what I do and I also give explanations and tips.

De “Theorie Lesboeken” is een verzameling van nooit eerder vertoonde theorie. In deze lesboeken leer je de exacte stappen om nog sneller succes te behalen en meer kennis te vergaren over PMU.

The Business Booster offers a great opportunity to attract more customers. The Business Booster includes my ad that earned me €6,650.00 for 11.83 in fees, an entire marketing plan, so you can clear your business and grow with proven strategies and I’ll show you exactly what your sales page should look like. This will give you more customers so you generate more revenue!

8+ hours of video's + textbooks

In the past 2 years I filmed a lot of my treatments and I say exactly what I’m doing step-by-step. This is so powerful that you can just copy every step I make.

If you have any troubles with (for example) the eyeliner 2/3 generation. You can look whenever you want in the course and search for a video about an eyeliner 2/3 generation. After that, you can take a look in the textbook about eyeliners etc. This course has it all. 

PMU Course


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