I Work With Tattoo Pigments For More Then 20 Years, Because This Gives Me The Best Result

Get All My Pigments And How To Combine Them

Do you run into the following challenges?

This document is my blueprint of the perfect color combination. Over the past 20 years I have done many different combinations, so you can understand that I have a list of all the best pigments and how to use and combine them.

This document is going to help you enormously with regard to pigment selection. I recommend to
print this document and take it with you to your treatments. As soon as your customer arrives, you just have to look at this document and you will know the exact pigment(s) to use.

In this file I give all my pigments with the corresponding explanation and when you can apply the pigments. Below you will find 2 examples. Of course with the clear images

This pigment is to:
Touch up gray aged eyebrows (if the end result is to be dark).

Also suitable for type of women who want dark eyebrows. They want the end result to be used tightly and clearly. Do not work too superficially, because the color can then remain a little too warm. If you work a little deeper with, for example, a 9 magnum, this color heals very nice dark brown.

This pigment is:
Perfect for blonde types. Can be used well for mixing to make a color warmer and a bit lighter.

Perfect color to restore old purplish eyebrows. Then first put a layer of pure … on. Color as desired in a possible second treatment (after 6 weeks).

Get all my pigments! This saves you a lot of extra work in figuring out wich pigment is the best.

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