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How You Can Get Successful PMU Treatments Through These Techniques & Secrets, ...EVEN If You Think You've Tried Everything Before

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The 4 pillars to grow you as a pmu artist


The eyeliner is ofcourse a part that is fully covered in this online course. It is seen as a challenging treatment, until you get the exact tips and tools to properly pigment it and master it perfectly.

This is what you will learn:


Of course we also treat the eyebrows. Every technique and way of pigmenting is discussed here.

This is what you will learn:


The right PMU skills can be learned. It is learning and applying the right techniques. I will share with you my 25 years of experience and techniques that work, so that you can quickly achieve the results you want.

This is what you will learn:

Pigmentation Techniques

In addition to the right skills and strategies, you have to apply the right pigmentation techniques to make every treatment a success.

This is what you will learn:

Online PMU Course


Direct access where and whenever you want. Login in the website and you have all the videos in there.


You be able to contact me when you want and I will be happy to give personal feedback or advice.


Every single factor about permenent make-up will be discussed in this course.

Grow and excel as a PMU Artist with techniques that work today!

You learn how to:

When are you ready?

Can I? Who am I to want more success and income? Do I deserve that? There is a good chance that you also hear this voice in the back of your head. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, almost everyone experiences this to a greater or lesser extent. The question is, are you listening to it?
When you listen to this little voice you keep yourself small and living from fear. If you do not listen to this voice, you will experience more freedom to determine for yourself what your life looks like. The transformation you go through during the Online PMU Course shapes your personal growth as a PMU specialist.

Angelica de Brouwer
25 years of experience in Permanent Make-Up

25 Years Of Experience In PMU

Successful PMU Treatments are essential for happy customers. But how do you get successful treatments?

In the past 2 years I have made an Online PMU Course. I have 25 years experience in permanent make-up and I want to help PMU Specialists!

If I give you a load of ingredients and ask you to make a chocolate cake with it, the chances are small that you will achieve an optimal result. However, when I provide you with a step-by-step recipe, a delicious cake will be on the table in no time. There is also such a recipe for the PMU Treatment. You can have successfull treatments, without having years of experience …

Become A Master In Permanent Make-Up!

After 25 years of working with these techniques, pigments, needle strategies and tricks, I know exactly what works and what does not work when it comes to successful treatments. If you start with this course, you start with 25 years of experience. Time is more important then money, right?

So I have bundled all my PMU knowledge in my Online PMU Course!

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Online PMU Course




Please note: This offer is only available for a limited time.

Customer Review

Hello everyone, I took the online course for permanent makeup masterclass a while ago and enjoyed it so much and learned a lot! The way of working and all tips & tricks are amazing, very good results for my clients! I certainly recommend this academy to all people who would like to start up and / or want to continue training with regard to PMU. Everything is neatly explained, and if you don't understand something or you have questions, they are happy to help you. And you can always look back at your online course if you are unsure about something. In short, top team and Angelica is a great person. Team Estetica is a TOPPER! Mamzelle Belgium
Nicky van Leeuwe
A few months ago started the online training for PMU of Team Esthetica. Never regretted it! After having followed a number of real training courses in practice, but sometimes also not having the right tools to be able to put perfect eyebrows and eyeliner in practice. With the training and personal guidance of Angelica, my treatments really got a BOOST! Much better results due to the handy tutorials and clear reference work, which I missed in other courses. And it is SUPER convenient to have access to everything in the online learning environment at any time. It really helped me further & gave many happy customers. Thank you Angelica you are a winner💗🌸
Celine Verschuure
Some time ago I decided to take the online PMU course from Team Estetica. I wanted extra tools to improve myself. It is a very nice, good course. Everything is very clearly explained and visualized. Lots of useful tips and tricks. The great thing is that you can log in and watch any time you want. Angelica explains everything very clearly and calmly, really a professional. It was important to me that I can monitor and review it in my own time and feel more confident towards my customers, with an even better result. So this course is highly recommended! Vr greeting, Martine
Martine Kroes
When I saw the online PMU course on Facebook, I signed up immediately. It's a godsend for me. I can do it whenever I want and have time (which is quite a challenge with a salon and family) and work on it at my own pace. I have known Angelica for years and know that she is very good and skilled. The course is very instructive and because everything is explained with photos and videos, you can practice at the same time. That's great!! And what is also so good: you can ask her about anything you're still running into (and you'll get an answer too). In any case, I am very enthusiastic and recommend it to everyone who, like me, thinks you can never stop learning.
Joke Snepvangers
This course is very interesting! We took several courses with our business and we always stayed at the same level. There are always things you do not know or do not quite work out. With the course and videos of Angelica we were able to take it to the next level. Every question is answered and many tattoo problems we encountered have been solved. Recommended!! And I don't think it's expensive either. Quality for a small price! Top course
Gerda Hoogeveen
I recommend the online course for those who want to go beyond the basic level of Pmu. I personally had trouble with the eyeliner lines that were not immediately black on everyone. The eyebrows that always become 60% lighter the first time. This works much better now. This online course is very educational and very cheap for the information you get. Really great. Everything comes down to bone that you really need to know. I have also become a lot more confident now. Big thanks Melissa De Roover
Melissa de Roover
Some time ago Angelica came by with an online course. It seemed like a good idea to join this course. It was a very good choice! The videos are clear and can be followed step by step and whenever it suits you. You log in whenever you want. After many useful tips, including needles, pigments, treatment tips, you have become more confident. This friendly, kind professional knows what she is talking about. And this course is definitely recommended for everyone. Thanks, angelica 👍
Maria van Zundert-Hermans
What an eye-opener this online training courses! Angelica explains everything super clearly top 👍 I am really not someone who likes to dive into schoolbooks again, but Angelica makes sure that I open my laptop every time curiously and hope that she will reveal another PMU secret 🤪 and believe me ... she hasn't disappointed me yet! Thx Angelica. Dear greetings, Angelique Salon Leedie.
Angelique van der Leest
did her online course next to my powder brows course. And I received a lot of extra tips that I had not had with my regular course. I can recommend this course to everyone Thanks, angelica 👍
Noom Dop
I have done the online training and watch the handy videos and reference books. My treatments are definitely going faster now (half time faster) and the results are great. If you also want to learn more and get tips and tricks that really benefit you, do this online training! Thank you Angelica
Petra Timmerman
Angelica de Brouwer from Team estetica is highly recommended !!! I took a tattoo course 10 years ago. In a course you often learn the basics, after that I had to figure it out myself for certain techniques. Until I followed Angelica’s course, I learned more about how to work faster with multiple needles and with which needle type which result you achieve. And the most important thing was with which pigments you can correct certain colors! So she goes pretty deep in learning that every person is sure to learn how to deal with tattoo issues. She is definitely recommended whether you are a beginner or not! Wish you all the best. Good luck! 😍😍
Soekaina Sleiman
Super fun and pleasant course. Unlimited access to your learning environment where new things keep popping up. Awesome ! I also enjoyed gaining new insights in a different way. Which means that I now also dare to try and see more. Which certainly improved my work. Angelica is a super enthusiastic and nice woman who you can always contact with questions and you get the answers at very short time. You notice and see the experience and passion in her profession that she wants to convey to her students.
Liz de Jong
Very skilled PMU artist. You can always contact her if you have any questions. Her live videos are also very educational. I have received a lot of information about pigments and corrections, so that I can now get started with more confidence. Highly recommended. Thx Angelica
Muriel Magnette
What a beautiful woman you are. I thought I had already learned a lot ... but after seeing 1 movie I quickly realized that I can learn a lot more. Super nice explanation, clear and calm at your own pace you can view and read everything. Well worth it and can't wait to have some more time to watch your videos. Thankssssss Love Ursula
Ursula Phoelich
Angelica is a true professional. I started taking her online training courses to learn more and I am super happy with and still watch her videos where I can get so many tips and tricks from. I can advise everyone this online training because team Esthetica is good. Thank you Angelica Gr lisette
Lisette Opmeer
Finally, finally a course to my heart. At first I was septic about “another course and another disappointment” but something couldn't stop me from doing it anyway. After years of PMU and many courses I did not want another disappointment that I would not learn anything. But wow what an experience, I now finally know that: which needle is used for which work, how to hold the needle, how to absorb the color pigments, etc. I work much faster now and feel so much more confident with what I do. So Angelica I cannot thank you enough for sharing your experiences with me. And thanks for that 🙏 greetings Karin
Karin Nobels

8+ hours of video's + textbooks

In the past 2 years I filmed a lot of my treatments and I say exactly what I’m doing step-by-step. This is so powerful that you can just copy every step I make.

If you have any troubles with (for example) the eyeliner 2/3 generation. You can look whenever you want in the course and search for a video about an eyeliner 2/3 generation. After that, you can take a look in the textbook about eyeliners etc. This course has it all. 

Official Certification

The Online PMU Course has already created countless success stories and has built up a great reputation when it comes to results.

As part of this training you will also receive an official certificate. It shows that you have your fundamental knowledge and skills.

You can use this certificate to immediately bring in more customers.

What will you find in the Master in PMU Course?

Press the modules to see a detailed overview of the course content.

In this part of the course I explain to you which machine & materials work. I’ve been working with the same machine for over 10 years and I’ve never had any problems with it. You do not “need” to purchase this machine to take this course. In addition, I explain which needles I work with. I also explain here how you can practice at home and with what materials.

By simply drawing eyes and eyebrows with pencil and paper, you gain more insight into shape & shadows. By practicing this a lot, you learn to look more closely at your customer and what needs to be done to create a natural effect. In this section I explain step by step how you can do this. In addition, you can download my drawings, so you can draw the eyebrows & eyeliner by yourself.

This component is one of the most important factors regarding a PMU treatment and thus also important to get a good result. Not properly pre-drawn means you will not get a good result. Here I give tips on how to draw two similar eyeliners and how to easily measure eyebrows.

The clamping techniques are an essential part of a PMU treatment. This also determines how your needle enters the skin in a smooth way, making your end result look tight. I explain step by step which clamping techniques you should use for the best end result.

In this part of the course, I explain everything about the needles. After you have treated this part, you will know exactly which needle to use for which treatment.

By mastering the right pigmentation techniques, you can pigment all treatments and skin types with ease. The pigmentation techniques also determine whether the pigment picks up well. In this module I explain exactly what pigmentation techniques you can use for the eyeliner & eyebrows. I will show you which needle to use and at what angle you should pigment the different parts and the different skin type.

Everybody needs help sometimes. Especially when it comes to PMU treatments, development. That is why a call session is included, so you can ask extra questions and where I will give you more explanations + tips.

In this I show you exactly how to find the undertone of your pigment. Among the videos of the “live treatments” I give away the brand and my pigment colors that I have been successful with for years.

In this module I will take you with me to the live treatments. Through a voice over I guide you through the process step by step. You look exactly at the treatment and you can see exactly what I do and I also give explanations and tips.

The “Theory Textbooks” is a collection of never-before-seen theory. In these textbooks you will learn the exact steps to achieve even faster success and to gain more knowledge about PMU.

The Business Booster offers a great opportunity to attract more customers. The Business Booster includes my ad that earned me €6,650.00 for 11.83 in fees, an entire marketing plan, so you can clear your business and grow with proven strategies and I’ll show you exactly what your sales page should look like. This will give you more customers so you generate more revenue!

Online PMU Course




Please note: This offer is only available for a limited time.


When can I start?

If you sign up, you can start immediately.


You have lifetime access to this course.

Is it easy to follow this online course?

This masterclass is easy to follow and you do not need any extra technical knowledge. Everything is clear. If there are still questions, you can contact us via:

I already have a pigmentation device can I work with that? 

Yes, that works to your advantage, because most practical treatments are with a device. You already work with your own device and you have already mastered the basics. That may be a pigment pen or a rotary device.

I have been doing permanent make-up for a number of years, is this suitable for me? 

Yes, you already have knowledge. In my opinion, you are never done learning. Putting permanent make-up on your customers is the most beautiful thing there is. If you can take yourself to the next level, you can convey this to your customers. What else do you need? What can I help you with? Let me know via:


Yes ofcourse. I want everyone to be successful in on permanent make-up treatments. Let me know what I can help you with. You can send an email to: or send a message via the chat at the bottom right of this page.

Do I really have to be an expert for the master class?

Anyone can get in. Practice makes perfect. You can be as good as you want to be. I have multiple succescases from people who has 15 years of experience and pmu specialist who just started their carreer as a pmu specialist.


I understand this question very well. This course is special, because you can always view the teaching material where, when and how often you want it. In addition, I am an open book and I share all my experience of 25 years of permanent make-up.

I really don’t hold back anything in this course. You will see exactly what I do with each treatment.

Do you have any questions that have not been answered? Send an email to or send a message via the chat at the bottom right of this page

Start transforming your pmu treatments today